pics from the tirp

pics from the tirp

Thursday, March 18, 2010

hey all,
we are just wrapping up 2 weeks in Thailand and flying out tomorrow to Katmandu
had a good 2 weeks vacation with visits with 2 friends, time on the beach, snorkeling,
rode 100cc motorbikes, saw some beautiful country and enjoyed friendly Thai hospitality,
elephant ride, famous Wats, famous Buddhas, and many other great memories.
there has been some political unrest in Thailand which has been interesting to observe
in country. Laurie dumped a motorbike but only had a few scrapes. Bangkok is a busy busy place, one of the worlds Mega cities. Get back to you all in a week or two from Nepal.

Mark for all of us

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  1. Praying for you guys...I look forward to seeing that picture of Laurie on the bike!!!Glad you weren't detained in the protests..saw that on our news! Thought of you, Laurie,on March 10...National Dietian Day..hope you get to use some of those skills in Nepal. We love you all & look forward to following your blogs. His Travel Blessings. Masini's